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Idea of AD Logo Mosaic
      The idea for the AD Logo Mosaic is derived from the highly successful Million Dollar Homepage. However, we are not selling any pixels on our website, but instead we give possibility to any visitor to play mosaic puzzles games with all ad/logos or letter/words placed on our site. We provide people across the world with an opportunity to remember your ad/logo/name/slogan - you just need to choose a mosaic(s) spot on our Logo Mosaic and/or Word Mosaic pages, and visitors will play with your mosaic and, as a result, will remember you company.

      So, it is very simple - advertise your mosaic ad/logo/name/slogan with us, increase traffic to your website, get more visitors and as result – get more profits. AD Logo Mosaic provides a mosaic service to allow companies to display their mosaic ads logo in GIF or JPEG format or company’s name/slogan along with appropriate TITLE/ALT text and a link to their website(s).

  • We will place you ad/logo on the Logo Mosaic Page at the location you choose, and if such location has already been taken by another party, we will place you ad/logo at the nearest available location. If the image you choose is larger that 1 mosaic (15 x 15 pixels), it will be split into individual mosaics when displayed on the Mosaic Puzzle Page (see our rules).
  • We will place you advertising text on the Word Mosaic Page at the location you choose, and if such location has already been taken by another party, we will place your words/text at the nearest available location.
  • You can also choose the location of your company's banner on the Mosaic Puzzle Page(s) - top or side.
    Play From any Mosaic Page you can click the "Puzzle It" button and you will be taken to the corresponding Puzzle Page where you will be able to play a puzzle game.
  • On our Logo Puzzle Page, you can take logos apart, mix them up and match different companies logos. Also, you may create a new logo or banner or ad from the existing parts.
  • On our Word Puzzle Page you can break any words and create a new text/slogan from the existing letters. You can create crosswords and other word puzzles.

    Remember that any visitor may play our Mosaic Puzzle games. No payment or purchase is necessary to place & play. As more companies apply for more mosaic spots, our Mosaic Puzzle games will become more complex and more interesting.

    In addition to our Logo and Word Puzzle Pages, we invite you to explore our Art Puzzle Pages. Every month, we introduce one more famous work of art which becomes the subject of our exciting Art Mosaic Puzzle game.

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