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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is is a website with 1,750 mosaics of advertising space. Any company can apply for numbers of mosaics on the website and place the company's ad/logo there. The size of each mosaic is 15 x 15 pixels. Just remember: if your company's logo contains more than 1 mosaic, it may be broken into individual mosaics on our Mosaic Puzzle Page, and it will allow the visitors of to better remember your company's ad/logo, as well as your company's website. Each mosaic you got may contain a different URL and TITLE/ALT to the different pages of your company's site or even to different websites.
2. How can I play with ad/logo?
Any visitor of can play with all the contents of the home page. Once you click the "Puzzle It" button on the Mosaic Home Page, you will get an opportunity to play with ad/logos by breaking them into individual mosaics, mixing them up, recreating them or perhaps even creating new ad/logos. Using our timer, you can strive to get quicker results in recreating the original appearance of the home page. Similarly, you can play with our art mosaics on our Art Mosaic Puzzle Page, which contains famous works of art.
3. How can help my company?
There are countless ways! For starters, you can get more points in many of the search engines by having another link pointing to your site. The next obvious benefit is that we will be putting your AD/Logo in front of millions of viewers to see. It becomes great when thousands of people advertise on a site like this and link to it. This generates huge traffic that benefits all advertisers. Plus, many people are genuinely fascinated by such ad mosaics and want to know who the advertisers are. Don't forget that our visitors can play with your ad/logo, which will allow them to better remember your site. Also remember that you can place an additional item of advertisement on banners, which will also facilitate our visitor's familiarity with your company's name and/or website. All these benefits result in a lot of clicks leading to your company's website and of course, more business for you!
6. Can my site be taken off from the mosaic?
The only reason we will take your site off is if your site violates our rules and/or terms of service, or is deemed to be illegal. This will be determined by the administrator of and is in our sole discretion. If your site is taken down due to a violation, you will be given an opportunity to submit a new URL, image and description.
7. How long will it take to get my site online?
We will make every effort to place your mosaic ad on the site within 48 hours, provided you have submitted a correctly sized image. We cannot be responsible if delays occur due to a large number of orders coming in at the same time. We will place all ads in the order they are received.
8. What happens if my site goes down?
Don't worry if your site goes down temporarily; however, if your link appears to be dead for a period of 2 weeks, it will be removed until you inform us it is back up. If your link is going to be dead for a period exceeding 2 weeks, please contact us as soon as possible with a request not to delete your link. If you do not contact us within a reasonable time after your link becomes inactive, we will permanently delete your link. If your website URL has changed, please inform us.
If you didn't find an answer to your question above, please send your question to us and we will update this page with your question and our answer ASAP, provided that your question is of general nature, so that our answer might be helpful to our other customers. However, before asking additional questions, please check our rules and site requirements you may be able to find a lot of answers there.
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