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Winston Churchill. Windlesham Moor. 1934. Oil on Canvas, 53 x 71 cm.
     A painting kept in an attic for 30 years because the owner did not like it has turned out to be the work of Sir Winston Churchill. The wartime Prime Minister painted Windlesham Moor in Surrey around 1934. The house was later the first home of the Queen and Prince Philip.
     Hidden treasure: Churchill's painting of Windlesham Moor was lost in an attic for 30 years and now might sell at auction for 150,000. The oil painting was passed on to Churchill's wartime director of Home Intelligence, Baron Stephen Taylor, who later gave it to his secretary as a gift. She in turn passed in onto her son who, not knowing what it was, took an instant dislike to it and chose to wrap it in a bin liner and store it in his loft. It remained there for 30 years until the painting was handed in at auction, but because it was unsigned experts couldn't put a value on it. Auctioneer John Dickins has now carried out 10 months of detective work to establish its provenance and was delighted when he traced it back to Churchill.

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